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Fan sizing

Fan sizing and air distribution needs to be designed appropriate to the output characteristics desired.  At recommended flow rates of between 100 and 150 m3/h per m2 for general commercial and industrial applications, fan sizing and positioning must consider collected air, system pressure drops at all points of movement and distribution, efficiency losses at distribution points, the required rates of space air exchange, and any heating, humidity, or moisture drying demands.


As a rule of thumb, use 1m2 of air collector for each 100m3/h of air flow.

Some suggested fans include:

Gigabox GB series
CA-MD series

For medium to smaller air flow volumes against high resistances. Universal application for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.


  • Two speeds

  • Polyester powder-coated metal for any weather condition

  • Mounting brackets for easy installation

  • Turbine fan mounted on ball-bearing motor

  • Can be mounted in any position

  • Protection rating IP44

Lineo V0 series

The Lineo mixed flow in-line fans have a very small overall size, making them ideal for installation in cramped areas.


  • Two speeds

  • Self extinguishing V0 plastic

  • IP44 splash proof protection on all models

  • Timer models are adjustable from 3 to 20 minutes

  • Long life ball bearing motors continuous and trouble-free operation

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Simple maintenance

  • Low sound emission

Metalflex inline fans

High speed

Low speed

Axial and centrifugal fans, for low and high pressure installations.  Air flows to 5000m3/h

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