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SolarVenti solar collector
SVPro SolarVenti solar air collectors

All SVPro solutions are based on the award winning SolarVenti solar air collectors, designed and built in Denmark. SolarVenti has European Keymark and DIN Certo certifications, with test performance verification from the Fraunhofer test laboratories in Germany.

The Solar Air Collector is heated by the solar radiation when the sun shines, there is also ambient heat and good drying on overcast days. The energy, heat and drying converted by the black filtration mat via the solar radiation will be transferred into the building as fresh, low humidity, preheated air. The air enters the collector through a patented perforated rear wall into a plenum. The air then passes through the absorber filter, made of a black technical material, which is resistant to high temperatures. The material is also the effective air filter.

Solar collectors are individual modules of approximately 2m2

Dimension in mm: 1004 (L) x 1970 (W) x 300 (D)

Weight per module in kg:10

Filter – Absorber, 1.25 m2 absorber felt per m2 collector: 2 mm black polyester

Cover: 10 mm Polycarbonate (UV and hail resistant)

Pressure drop:    25 Pa/ 50 m3/m2 collector,

                            75 Pa/ 100 m3/m2 collector,

                            175 Pa/ 150 m3/m2 collector

Efficiency:          70% at an air flow of 125m3/m2 collector

Max. energy output: Approx. 842 W/m2 collector

Average energy output: 500–800 kWh/m2 (depends on type of control system)


The maximum recommended length per row of collectors is 20 meters.


For large air volumes, multiple rows of solar collectors are suggested.

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