Commercial Drying, Cooling and Ventilation

    Powerful de-humidification and drying with free supplementary heated fresh air,

resulting in lower energy consumption and improved air change. By utilising our ERV products we cool your warehouse space in industrial, commercial or agricultural settings.  

    Improves the operation of existing ventilation systems and air filtration.
    Especially suitable for professional and commercial building applications.
Dramatic savings on energy costs.

ERV units for Commercial, Agricultural & Industrial use

Clean, Green, Energy Efficient Solar Thermal Solutions


ERV Units For:

 Crop drying.    Grain and nut drying.    Building de-humidification.    Aged care.   

  Industrial drying.    Supplementary heating.   Creating pure ventilation.

And much more...

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Internationally Accredited Ventilation  & Air Filtration
European Designed & Manufactured for Professional & Commericial Application
Built for Australian Conditions to Improve Air Quality. Using ERV units.

Clean and green, energy efficient, carbon neutral solutions for industry.  We're committed to sustainability.
Solar thermal, air drying, and dehumidification solutions of all sizes. 

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SVPro - solar thermal solutions for industry and commercial.

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